OOST5 – Custom double staircase photographs

Designed by Peter Beckitt

I wanted a double access from my island platform to the main station platform. The Ancorton kit spans 185 mm which was not wide enough for my layout. I needed at least 210 mm. I also was aware of the walkway panel dimensions as I did not want to get too complicated in the conversion by having to cut and join sections of the walkway sides.

Off one footbridge deck I cut an end section 28mm long and also removed the step extension from the other end. When butt glued together the overall length was just right to suit my platforms also just right to use the 2  longer walkway sides.

Construction of the single access was as per instructions and ditto for one side of the double access. I then used 2 shorter handrail sides to complete the other stair way. The rest of the construction was as per instructions.

This was the first time I had used a laser cut kit and I found it to be very comparable to a plastic kit in construction. Using a fast drying wood glue made it very easy to assemble